Sunday, January 8, 2012

We have nursery progress!

What started out as a catchall for random boxes and other things we were too lazy to find places for when we first moved in has morphed into my most favorite room in the house. Shortly after finding out that Betty was a she, I signed up for Pinterest and started pinning up nursery ideas. This is officially the ONLY thing I have ever done on Pinterest. I think I may be one of the only people on the planet that isn't wildly addicted to that site.

I have been picking up random pieces of furniture here and there for months in the hopes that they would look like they all belonged in the same room with each other when I was finished. Lucky for me...they do. Betty's room is turning out better than it looked in my imagination. Even the chocolate brown that I picked out for her walls turned out even more beautiful than I ever would have thought from looking at the paint swatch.

I just love when a plan comes together.

Currently we are still waiting on an adorable little white bookshelf with pink shelves that will match her rug and we still need to mount her name in pink and white letters on the wall over her crib, but furniture and decor-wise her room is nearly done! I think the result is something sweet and girly, but not too cartoony.

Those framed photos on the wall over the chair are pictures of my husband and I when we were little. I thought she might enjoy looking at them when she gets older!

(Please excuse the crappy lighting/quality...these photos were taken with my phone.)


  1. of course i had to come stalk your baby blog because i have missed you so much on your regular blog! may i just say that you have IMPECCABLE taste in nursery ava girl had the exact same bedding!! (well, she still has it, it's just in a toddler bed now.) i love the wall decoration and am a little bit jealous that i didn't think of that. :)

  2. Very nice!

    BTW...I followed this blog awhile ago and it just now decided to pop into my reader so here I am!