Monday, January 16, 2012

Tutu Success!

I don't know what I was so worried about...that was EASY!

I made my first (of many) tutus for B on Saturday night while M and I relaxed and watched the brutal destruction of the Denver Tebows by the Pats, and I'm so happy with how it came out that I told him I think she might need one in every color now. To which he responded, "How many tutus does a girl really need?"

And cue major side-eye from me. He's not female so I figure that he just can't fully understand.

Anyway, the tulle I used is mint green, white, and chocolate brown (craving mint chocolate chip ice cream, much?). I also had made her a flower headband the other week and I think it will go along with it adorably. Hopefully we can make this ensemble work for her newborn pics!


  1. SO CUTE! And fabulous!!!! Well done! tee hee destruction of the denver tebows!

  2. That's adorable!!! As a girl, I can attest to the fact that one can never have enough tutus.

  3. How pretty... I want a girl now, well maybe I just want a tutu:)

    1. I bet I could make adult sized ones! Just so you know... ;)

  4. So so cute! I think tutus are just adorable!

  5. I'm so happy to see this blog and know you all are doing okay. I've missed your posts and have been dying to know how your pregnancy is going!

  6. So cute! I love how easy they are to make! Who needs to pay a ton of money to someone else? She easily needs a tutu in every color and a back up.

    PS - is the captcha a test of my devotion?