A Little About Betty's Parents

Betty's dad (let's call him "M") and I went to high school together, but this is not a high school romance. We may have known each other back then, but I'm not entirely sure. We certainly knew all the same people, but never hung out with each other. This trend would continue through our college years when we once again knew all the same people and somehow never met. 

It wasn't until after I had already graduated that we met in a bar (classy, I know). It was around Halloween time and we were introduced by his roommate, who just happened to be my roommate while I was in school. (See? I told you we knew all the same people.)

I thought he was brutally hot in his Shaun of the Dead costume and apparently he found me very attractive as well, but alas it was not to be because we were both dating other people at the time. We became friends though and he even attended my going away party when I moved to California the following year. 

Fast forward to Christmas break 2007. I was home visiting family as usual and really missing Charm City. I was having a lot of fun in Los Angeles, but it was just way too far away from everyone I loved. I had gotten together with my old college roommate who informed me that he and M would be throwing a New Years party and that M was single. (This was an ongoing joke because college roommate knew how much I was attracted to him.)

I attended the party with my sights set on M. He was my New Years kiss. We stayed up all night talking about anything and everything. In June of 2008, I moved home from Los Angeles and we moved in together. In February of 2009 he proposed and on February 27th, 2010 we were married in Turks & Caicos. 

And now in March of 2012, we will welcome our first (and only) child...a daughter named Elizabeth Alice. Betty for short. 

This blog is all about our life with Betty.